Saturday, August 8, 2009


We are installing solar trackers, and solar panels, on the south side of the property.    I had no idea they would be this big!    These trackers follow the sun and at night they lie flat.                                           We are almost completely "off the grid" and our carbon footprint will be very small.    We will be selling our surplus energy to Hydro One.    In six years we will have recouped our total cost of installing the whole system of turbines, and solar.

The five wind turbines do make a noise when they are turning at full speed.       It's not tremendously loud; but it is noticeable from the back and side of the house.
That is one of the realities of wind power.    I 'm sure it's the kind of sound that you get used to and one day, don't even notice.

We have a train track across the road from the cottage.    I barely notice the trains rumblings, or whistles blaring, and it rarely  wakes me up in the middle of the night.
I actually love the sounds of the train.    It's nostalgic, and makes me feel connected with the past.
I hope the sound of the wind turbines will make me feel excited, and hopeful for the future.