Saturday, October 3, 2009


above, the driveway curb
varathane on the left, tung oil on the right.

I am beyond frustrated, dealing with the new iphoto software. I can't seem to be able to view photos before uploading.
The plaster detail over the dining room door, was inspired by a picture I saw once in a magazine.

We were moving along just great,blessed with several weeks, of wonderful, weather.
Unfortunately, as I very well know, all good things come to an end; except, it seems for this build!

We just want to get the things completed, that are necessary to get our CO,and move in already!

At this point, I don't even care what light fixtures are installed, I am so sick of getting conflicting answers about whether the electrician can install a chandelier that doesn't have a CSA sticker!

We had to turn the wind turbines, and solar off, until the various "agencies" can figure out what "stickers" they need to meet whatever requirements need to be met.
It's been like the "Keystone Cops", everyone's an expert, but none of them have a clue about what's required.

Luckily, some of the most important jobs are being performed, by people who are extremely skilled, and talented!
The carpenter for one, is amazing! Our tile setter is brilliant! The fellow who is doing our plaster, is a master! The team that has been installing our hardwood floors, are doing a great job too.

The floors are now installed in the bedrooms, and we have decided on a varathane finish.
I had initially chosen the tung oil; but once I brought the samples home and viewed them next to my furniture, and fabrics, I preferred the varathane.
They are finishing the floors on site, so if need be, we can still tweak it.

The pool is going swimmingly. I love the water line tiles; Sicis' Iridium line, in Orchis.
The coping stone is Nero Abssoluto granite. The deck is a porcelain tile from Dal- Tile that has a lot of sparkle, in the sunlight.

Last Sunday, I was painting sample boards, and driving myself crazy trying to find a Farrow & Ball colour for the family room. I finally settled on Dix Blue?????

The sun was setting, and the room was bathed in a peaceful, embracing glow. I put down my brush, climbed the stairs, and from the second story verandah, I watched my very first sunset, in my new home.