Thursday, March 25, 2010


There has been a flurry of activity in the past several weeks, and we are determined to be in this house by the end of June! The upstairs rooms are being finished first, so I will be able to move some furniture over towards the end of April, hopefully.

The painter has been in this week to paint more of the trim, and the entrance hall ceiling.
He is also painting test swatches on the walls, before I have to commit to a colour.

It always amazes me that I can love a colour in a little chip, and hate it, when it's up on the wall. I chose Sherwin Williams, White Duck, for the trim in our bedroom, and when I saw it painted out, I knew I could never be happy with it.
I decided to test Sherwin Williams, Patience, and managed to avoid testing the painters, because I like it.
How ironic that I would choose a colour called patience, as it's been a metaphor for this build.
Hopefully, if we run out of it, we'll be referring to the paint!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Trim is the new black, in my house today. I have to say that I have held very firm on this for the last three years, nipping all discussions with my Chief Financial Officer aka, my husband Bob, in the bud, before they could bloom; if you know what I mean?

The painter started on the wood trim, and I was up at the cottage, caught unaware; out of the blue, and into the black.

Bob was never keen on the black; but he's colour blind, so why would I ever let him loose with a fan deck? He fell in love with me, the day I was wearing a dress he thought was hideous. It was a shift, with a red ground, and green, blue, and white, flowers in a small print. Alright, I agree, it sounds hideous in description, although it really wasn't that bad; but I digress.

My photos didn't turn out well, most were out too dark, to post.
The trim and door paint is Sherwin Williams, Black Magic. I originally chose Farrow & Ball, Off Black; but there was a little misunderstanding,and I was informed that I couldn't use an oil based paint, so I went to a Sherwin Williams, latex based paint for the trim. As it turns out, the Sherwin Williams paint, the painter bought is oil based. Apparently, we can still buy oil base paint, until next year, when they will be off the market.
This so far, is the only non "green" product we have in our house!
The painter has sprayed on the first coat, and is sanding before spraying the second

I'm very happy with the painter. He is doing such a great job, and I'm so impressed with everything he has done, to date.

I'll add more pictures, of the trim, as the painting progresses.