Sunday, September 20, 2009


I'm finally able to upload photos to my blogs.
Things are progressing fairly well now. The pool water line tile has been installed, and the deck is being prepared.
The driveway curbs are going in, and the top of the hill has been terra seeded. The pond had to be drained enough, so they can dredge out the topsoil, and silt that has slid into it over the past year and a half.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


August 6th site pictures show that the property is finally greening up. These photos were taken after the two solar panels were installed; but prior to the installation of the four solar trackers.
Several days after the solar trackers went up, a very severe weather system hit us and destroyed two of the trackers. It was too muddy to walk over to take pictures.

I am so tired of this building project, and I find it hard to keep motivated. I've packed up so many boxes, and I'm getting a little overwhelmed.
Summer is almost over, though we hardly even noticed it arrived. That past two years have been a blur of bad weather.
We've had record amounts of rain; yet this is the first grass we've managed to grow in two years! lol.
It will probably never rain again, now that we have the hill stabilised, and a multitude of drains.
The last photo was photo shopped by our foreman to make the rivets less visible and the grass greener.
Isn't the grass always greener? lol.