Thursday, June 25, 2009


I just received a lovely little painting,  purchased from a talented lady I found through blogging.
I was pleased to see how well this painting works with the samples I have of my kitchen and family room cabinetry.
I have a thing for birds, so this painting caught my eye; a little nest for my nest.   Lara's paintings are delightful, and I look forward to collecting more of her work.   I have found so many talented, and interesting people and things, just by visiting various blogs.


Friday, June 12, 2009


Now that we have it together with the new foreman, we will at long last see some action.
If we don't finish by August, we have to take out another "Builders Risk" policy.   It is a pretty substantial amount and certainly not something we intend to do.  Nothing we have done has held up this build, so I hope we can at least finish the interior and get our certificate of occupancy?  
This week they started planting trees and are getting ready to do the "terra seeding".  We engaged the company that is providing our planting materials.
This seeding should have been done last year, but the company we hired, could not get it together to complete the job, as you can see in the pictures.  Needless to say they were terminated.
We should finally see some grass in a few weeks.
We still have to pump the silt and topsoil that washed down the hill ( due to the fact that we had no grass), out of the pond.
We  installed  so many "trench drains" and "French drains" to divert water coming from the many springs on the property, it became a ridiculous exercise in overkill.
We had to deal with an environmental "expert" since we are building on the Oak Ridges Moraine.    If  it ever should rain torrentially every day, and all day;  forever more?  We can handle it!
Our inside joke as the solution to every problem that pops up  now is, "install a trench drain"
                                          trench drain can be seen on the left of photo (click to enlarge)

Inside the house, things are at progressing at least.   The hardwood for the upstairs bedrooms is onsite and acclimatising.   I had to have Birds Eye maple, my favorite wood.    I was happy that our local manufacturer Northern Wide Plank, mills this wood.

The tiles for the main floor are laid out and David is doing a great job.
He had a little design dilemma regarding the stair tread installation, which will be resolved by Oleg, the iron artisan when we meet with him on Monday.
Oleg will be finishing the staircase and applying the rest of the decorative details once the floor is grouted.
He will be putting together the iron exterior railings (so the columns can go up), only to dismantle them again until the columns are installed and finished.   I can't wait to see how these columns are going to look, and they should be going up in the next few weeks.

The solar panels are ready to be installed, and I was surprised that they're so large.  I couldn't take pictures because it was too muddy to walk out to the site.
Fortunately they won't be visible except from the top of the hill.   The plantings will conceal them in a few years.

I've barely had a minute to sit down for the past few days, and from now until the house is done, I won't have much time to during the week.
I haven't had a full time job in years, so it is a little hard to get back into routine.   I need more hours in the day, and days in the week.
It does feel good not being able to procrastinate any longer.   Now I just have to survive the stress, and hope that my family, and friends do too!

Monday, June 8, 2009


                                                       click photos to enlarge

I found these old pictures on a disc, and decided to post them.    We had Mark do this installation in our Florida residence in 2004.    I thought that was the longest build, we would ever undertake.     We had started planning in January 2000, and finally moved in sometime in 2004.

Our current, and (hopefully) final build has become a blur, maybe because we're always building? It's been over three years and I'm becoming very impatient.
We hope to finally be able to move in by August.   We thought June 2009 was the outside range; but the weather had other plans for us.

We are going to have Mark install another aquarium once we get settled into Hillwood.
Not on this large a scale, as we all learned a few things we sure don't want to duplicate next time around.     Moving a huge piece of glass twice isn't  much fun.
I took advabtage of the scaffolding, and installed the vintage chandelier, I found on Ebay.