Monday, June 8, 2009


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I found these old pictures on a disc, and decided to post them.    We had Mark do this installation in our Florida residence in 2004.    I thought that was the longest build, we would ever undertake.     We had started planning in January 2000, and finally moved in sometime in 2004.

Our current, and (hopefully) final build has become a blur, maybe because we're always building? It's been over three years and I'm becoming very impatient.
We hope to finally be able to move in by August.   We thought June 2009 was the outside range; but the weather had other plans for us.

We are going to have Mark install another aquarium once we get settled into Hillwood.
Not on this large a scale, as we all learned a few things we sure don't want to duplicate next time around.     Moving a huge piece of glass twice isn't  much fun.
I took advabtage of the scaffolding, and installed the vintage chandelier, I found on Ebay.


Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,
Big surprise to see this...Yippy.
Life in Lithuania is just fine...Hope that you and Bob are fine...mark eckstrand

theduchessofH said...

Hi Mark,
Great to hear from you! Did you do a google search of your name? lol. Of course we're still building. This seems like old times. Did you ever think we'd finish the Florida house? lol. We have the electric all ready for your installation, once we get into this house.

I'm so happy that life in Lithuania is good.
Any new designs?
I will email you, and we have to talk. Are you coming to the US at Christmas?

Mark's Fish, INC said...

Hi Donna,
We are Mark's business partners here in WA. He is flying into Seattle today and will be here for 3 weeks. We found this Blog and pictures of your aquarium and emailed Mark the info. He was here a month ago and finished a very large install in a private home. If you send us your email we will send you some pictures, it's absolutely beautiful. Looks like your new home is quite a project, similar to the house he just finished the new aquarium in. Sara and Gina

theduchessofH said...

Thanks for the update, and email address Gina,and Sara!

I just emailed you my info.
I look forward to talking to Mark, and seeing pictures of his installations!



just found your great blog ...

we love Mark 2 ...
great post ..

mona & the girls

ps working on a blog for Mark..

he has alot too talk about

theduchessofH said...

Thanks Mona, I just left a comment for Mark on his blog.
I think it's a great idea for Mark to have a blog.

Keep up the good work girls!