Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I'm writing this post on the balcony of a cruise ship.   It wasn't the best time to leave town, but this vacation was booked last fall, and as it turns out weather wise, the timing couldn't have been better!

So far, this cruise has been fantastic, except for the fact that my clothes are getting a little tight.

Meanwhile, back at home; Dino is grouting, polishing, and sealing our marble floors, and as soon as we get back home I'm moving furniture in.

Just before we left, I managed to move the $349.00  birds eye maple desk I found  at Home Sense, into the 'Orange' room.     I found a mirror, that I think pairs well with the desk, at Lisa's store, Equinox.
I also found a light fixture, that reference's one of my favourite Hermes scarves, featuring the 'bolduc' aka, the Hermes ribbon.  
I was wondering what to do with all of my ribbons, so this at least puts some of them to use.
I managed to take a few photos before the sun went down, and the light was terrible, so these pictures look pretty dreadful.
I don't exactly know where I'm going with this room; but since it only has to please me, I don't really care.  lol.

The rest of the photos, I took in our stateroom.
It was a wonderful surprise to begin our vacation, with a very welcome, Bon Voyage gift of flowers, and champagne, from the team at Dalton, our builder.
Thank You, for your thoughtfulness, everyone!

I'm sure you're all enjoying a vacation from me!  LOL.

(I didn't plan to post THIS many pictures of the room; but somehow they all loaded when I added them to the blog photo album.)