Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I've been trying to finish my breakfast room, but put it on hold, (yet again) due to another flashing issue we discovered last year.
Thankfully we had a torrential rain before Christmas this year, and it revealed that the problem the builder thought was finally solved; isn't.   

I'm not really surprised.   I lost all faith in the builder; two leaks ago.

I'm concerned the problem will still affect this room, so until we go through another, (hopefully rainy) spring, I don't dare make a move.
I only want to do this room once, and I'm not about to risk expensive silk walls to another leak,  drywall dust, or repainting.

I'm happy to be heading to Florida and leaving this mess behind.

It also gives me time to look at the latest silk fabrics, before I finally make up my mind.

These years spent spinning my wheels, has caused me to completely veer from my original plan
 The only positive; is that this room will end up costing a fraction of the original budget, by not cladding the walls in custom treillage.

I'll save the perspectives for the arched exterior windows and place them on top of antiqued mirror.

 All of my furniture for this room is from The Salvation Army, and thrift stores.

 I'm planning to put a cracked glass table top on this base to reference the glass countertops in my kitchen.
 I'm only using three  chairs around the table.   If more people are seated; I'll bring in chairs from another room.
 I spotted these swivel rockers at The Salvation Army, for $25 and $29 (included ottoman) each.
                   I like the fact that they're not a matched pair; but companion chairs.
                                                 I found this peacock fabric on Ebay.
I bought placemats and plates for inspiration.

           The walls will be upholstered in silk panels, and portieres will close this room in cosiness.

Hard to see; but the picture leaning on top of the sideboard is of a peacock's fanned tail.
I'm moving my taxidermy peacocks from the entrance hall to either side of the sideboard.
I'll replace them with this pied pair