Sunday, December 13, 2009


The pool deck has been completed, and it turned out well. I'm pleased we didn't have to put as many of the expansion joints, as they would have detracted from the look as a whole.

The weather turned very cold directly after the deck was grouted. We still have to have the interior of the pool coated in pebble tec, but I don't think it will be done until the spring.
The weather suddenly turned very cold, and snowy.

The tile floor upstairs has been finished, and grouted. I managed to take some pictures before they finished, and covered the floor in paper.

The casing on the doors, has been completed and I'm happy with the results.


Another Christmas season is upon us, and I'm so sad that we won't be celebrating the season at Hillwood.

When we started this build, we had hopes of taking up residence by Christmas 2008.    It's unbelievable that we're going to miss another Christmas!

We have seen some progress in the past few weeks, we've also seen the last of yet another foreman!
I for one, and not too upset by this news.    Now Tim and I can whip this house into shape without someone following us around, and making things difficult.

Tuesday will be our first day to take firm control, so that Tim can work his magic!

I feel very self indulgent in hiring Tim,  it's a true luxury to be able to work with such a talented and renowned designer.

Another self indulgent luxury, will not be  quite as obvious, or visible, to anyone other than Bob and myself, which makes it the best type of luxury!

I love St. Geneve linens, and have been waiting to use one of their newest lines; a sinfully delicious blend of silk, and cashmere!
The sheets are reversible, with a flannel cashmere on one side, silk on the other.
They are almost enough to make one wish winter would last a little longer!