Friday, February 27, 2009


We used to call them the master suite, now magazines are referring to them as the "principal" suite.  I guess the term "master" started to sound politically incorrect?  

I must admit that when I'm home here in Canada I spend much of my day in our principal suite.    I have my desk and computer, television, telephone, bar, beverage fridge, plus I'm surrounded by all my personal stuff.
I am exactly the opposite when I am at home in Florida; if I'm out of bed, I'm out of the bedroom.
Maybe it's the weather?

I imagine I will spend much of my time in the principal suite in the new house too, and I know I will enjoy my little reading nook.

We are also installing a Napoleon Tureen fireplace.  I am so looking forward to having a night cap with my husband on a cold and rainy night  in front of the fire.

We are still trying to finalise the plans for the walk in closet behind the fireplace wall.
The bathroom will have a walk in shower and a Kohler Archer tub built out on the wall looking towards the window.
In Florida we have the Kohler Sok tub and my first thought was to duplicate it in this house.
I hope I am not sorry that we didn't?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I took this photograph inside the Hermes FSH store in Paris.       I admired the ironwork in Paris and when I saw this double H, I knew I had to incorporate it somewhere in our own ironwork.

I have named this house Hillwood and our architect Thomas Moore, thinks the name is too pedestrian.      I wanted a name that began with an H and since the house is on a hill and 53 acres are woods, I thought Hillwood was a fine name.
After seeing this double H I new I had to find another H term to add to Hillwood.
I was talking it over with my friend Michael Tonello, and he suggested Hillwood Hall.
It works for me!     Tomorrow at our regular Wednesday meeting I will see if Tom thinks this name is less pedestrian? 
Thanks Michael, now if only I could have a butler to go with it? lol


Bob Dylan was right; the answer is blowin' in the wind.   I just wish we had our wind turbines running today.  The wind was so strong blowing the snow around that at times it was hard to see.  I tried to capture it in the last picture.
It is also bitterly cold.    It was sunny though, so if we had our solar panels in we could really be cooking with gas!
I am so glad we decided to go green, even though it cost a $h*t load to do it.  There sure is no shortage of wind up here on the hill.      insert own comment here

 Haha, very funny.
I am getting used to the look of these turbines.   I am even starting to  like them now, they're  kind of peaceful looking.
I am sure I will love them once we see the difference in our hydro bills!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I just posted pictures on my other blog that I had meant to post here.  I didn't notice until after I had published the post.
If you click on my profile it will take you to my other blog.

I took pictures this evening as the sun came out just in time to set and cast a warm, and beautiful glow upon the snow.

From the terrace here at Stillwater Farm in the winter, while the trees are bare we can see Hillwood.
Tonight as the sun was setting here on Stillwater Farm, Hillwood  was shining luminous and bright in the distance.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I feel like it is always winter.   I barely remember coming to the job site in the summer on a beautiful day.
The weather has been against us this entire build.
Due the permitting delays and all of the environmental studies that needed to be done we were already months behind.

Things are starting to really move along now.   The five wind turbines are up; but not operational yet.
The towers are 32 feet high so they are very visible from a distance.    They are not too bad looking although  I would have preferred a location  where they weren't so noticeable.    The top of the hill was the the ideal place since they need to be 80 feet apart.

The insulation is almost complete and the drywall is being installed.   The rooms look so much bigger with the drywall.

Oleg has started to install the staircase.     There is still so much work to do welding the railings and  various applied iron details.      This is very heavy iron and it is quite amazing that Oleg makes it look almost effortless.     He really is a very talented artisan.
My big concern is falling down or more likely for me, up these stairs.    Either way it will not be good.
I am glad we put in an elevator now.

I took a picture of our house here at Stillwater Farm, or Stillwinter Farm as I have been calling it lately.