Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I took this photograph inside the Hermes FSH store in Paris.       I admired the ironwork in Paris and when I saw this double H, I knew I had to incorporate it somewhere in our own ironwork.

I have named this house Hillwood and our architect Thomas Moore, thinks the name is too pedestrian.      I wanted a name that began with an H and since the house is on a hill and 53 acres are woods, I thought Hillwood was a fine name.
After seeing this double H I new I had to find another H term to add to Hillwood.
I was talking it over with my friend Michael Tonello, and he suggested Hillwood Hall.
It works for me!     Tomorrow at our regular Wednesday meeting I will see if Tom thinks this name is less pedestrian? 
Thanks Michael, now if only I could have a butler to go with it? lol

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