Friday, February 27, 2009


We used to call them the master suite, now magazines are referring to them as the "principal" suite.  I guess the term "master" started to sound politically incorrect?  

I must admit that when I'm home here in Canada I spend much of my day in our principal suite.    I have my desk and computer, television, telephone, bar, beverage fridge, plus I'm surrounded by all my personal stuff.
I am exactly the opposite when I am at home in Florida; if I'm out of bed, I'm out of the bedroom.
Maybe it's the weather?

I imagine I will spend much of my time in the principal suite in the new house too, and I know I will enjoy my little reading nook.

We are also installing a Napoleon Tureen fireplace.  I am so looking forward to having a night cap with my husband on a cold and rainy night  in front of the fire.

We are still trying to finalise the plans for the walk in closet behind the fireplace wall.
The bathroom will have a walk in shower and a Kohler Archer tub built out on the wall looking towards the window.
In Florida we have the Kohler Sok tub and my first thought was to duplicate it in this house.
I hope I am not sorry that we didn't?

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