Thursday, March 19, 2009


There is certainly no shortage of mud over on the "hill" and it will only get worse with the spring thaw.
I have lived for years with a tiny space to contain the  boots, shoes, coats, book bags, dirt, and junk that finds its way through the door.
Some days it is like picking your way through a land mine field, trying not to trip over all the shoes left wherever they were  kicked off.

It was very important to me that in this house we have a spacious mud room.   I wanted plenty of storage, coat, and broom closets, a bathroom and a "slop" sink.   I wanted  room for a large capacity washer and dryer to wash any mucky, yucky, messiness I wouldn't want traipsed through the house.
We were going to install a walk in refrigerator but I found some stand alone appliances from True that will work better in the cooler room leaving me space for a prep area and sink.   Most important though was an area to feed and wash the dog.  
We have a very large 130 lb. dog; a female, Black Russian Terrier   She is very messy and I affectionately refer to her as "Boris The Peasant Girl", because there is nothing remotely feminine about her.  When she eats she collapses on the floor and kind of hugs her bowl burying her face in its contents.
When she drinks she holds the water in her mouth leaking it across the floor as she walks, until she shakes her head spraying everything in a three foot radius.
I chose a metallic silver porcelain tile that has a bit of texture, to give the dogs some traction and prevent slipping.
Because she is a guard dog she needs to have access to go outside so we have to install a dog door.
This is such a wonderful breed and we are searching for male BRT now.
Because this breed can reach 170 pounds, we won't regret having devoted so much space to a mud room.

These are pictures of the garage, mud room, mud room porcelain tile, plus a few shots of "Boris."

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