Thursday, March 26, 2009


Our regular Wednesday meeting found us all on the same page for the first time.  I am really impressed with our architect Tom Moore, who is becoming quite a designer much to our mutual surprise!  lol
I am not using a decorator/designer (why pay someone else to have all the fun?) and I have a very hard time articulating my vision and esthetics.   Tom has never  had to work so hard to listen, trying to interpret what he heard on to a shop drawing.
I am sure he has driven home shaking his head and rolling his eyes more than once.

The plaster trim is now being applied on the second story.  I was very happy to see it and I think the scale is appropriate for the ceiling height.       I was concerned about the scale until I stood back to view the distance between the ceiling and door height.  Once the door and window trims are installed  I think it will work?
I chose a very simple trim.   I think this house will have enough going on so I restrained myself in the "public" areas.
I am a pearl girl;  always have been.    I never met a pearl I didn't like, even if it was glass.
The trim is a subtle pearl beading, I plan to have a pearlised glaze highlight the pearls.

We are designing some specialty plaster trims for the living, dining, morning rooms, and principal suite that are still in the drawing stage.

We meet every Wednesday and it always seems that it snows, blows, rains, fogs, does anything but shine.
All my pictures more or less look the same when I look at them trying to see the progress.   Some days it's hard to believe that we will be in this house by the end of June?
I did feel a turning of the wheel today, maybe we will be lucky and it will be nothing but blue skies from now on?

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