Thursday, April 21, 2011


It may be a bit unseemly to do a post on lavatory fixtures; but since I haven't had much to praise lately here inside Hellwood, it's amazing how a functioning toilet can help flush away a bad mood.

It's great that the electric issues are getting straightened out, and now I no longer have to use a pail of water to flush the toilet.
I love the design of the Kohler Hatbox toilet; but it does require an electric connection in order to activate the flushing mechanism.
Ours was defective (what else is new?) and Kohler had to send a rep, to switch out some parts.

What I love about this toilet, is that the simple and elegant style not only makes it easy on the eyes; it makes it easy to clean! At the risk of being indelicate; it's also the most comfortable model I have ever encountered. And being that I'm also concerned about our guests comforts, I put one in the main powder room too.

The Hatbox toilet is certainly a splurge, so it was great to have saved a on another important fixture; the sinks.
I had practically driven myself crazy looking for the perfect sink. I couldn't make a commitment; but upon learning the cost of the Quartz counter material, I made up my mind pretty darn fast.
I couldn't be happier with my choice! This sink is an absolute pleasure to use. It is such a great design; I can't believe this "Ledges" sink,is one of Kohler's lower priced models.
The ledges come in very handy to place your toilette articles while you carry out your various routines. I can imagine someone who wears contact lens, finding this sink a dream.
It's large enough that you don't find water splashing all over the place, and I never have to wipe up the counter afterwards.

Every time I use this sink, I never fail to say to myself, "I love this sink."

Too bad I can't say the same about this house!

The photo below was added for my friend, whose wonderful blog; Architect Design, has given me much information, and inspiration. I took his good advice and had the column bases painted back to black.
Thanks, AD!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


through our ceilings! This week we're having the floors in the office, living, and dining rooms refinished for the third, and final (hopes) time. For some reason the floors were scratching like mad, and the finish seemed to feel soft, as if it wasn't quite dry. This was the reason we had to redo the floors a second time, and it only seemed to get worse! I have never seen anything like it and it was clearly not acceptable. This third time we chose a different refinisher and they seem to be doing a good job. Well no good job goes unpunished, here at Hellwood. No sooner was the stain put on, when it started to rain, and we noticed the ceiling leak in the office, and morning room, has not been fixed.

Back to trying to find the entry point, for the fourth or fifth time. I have always felt it was coming through the upstairs windows rather than the upstairs balcony floor, but it appears now to have come in through the thresholds of the
balcony doors.
It finally appears to have been the correct source, as it rained throughout last night and today, and so far no more signs of a leak.
I'm peeking in the rooms every hour, and it's crazy, that I'm so happy not to see a puddle of water on the floor!
I won't even get into how unhappy I am about having to deal with all the casing on the morning room door that has to be replaced because of this leak.
Well I wanted a house that looked like it had been here for a hundred years, and I'm getting my wish. This house will have more coats of paint on everything than most people put on in two lifetimes. I just may be Sherwin Williams, and Farrow & Balls biggest single purchaser.


I haven't been posting due in part to being in Florida, and also dealing with some very threatening and worrisome comments directed at me personally, my son, and husband. I don't mind people commenting on me; but when their evil lies involve my child and husband, it crosses a line. I refuse to live in fear of the lunatic fringe; although I have taken action.

I'm not going to allow anonymous(as so they believe)individuals to curtail my freedom, or intimidate me from posting on my blog; but I will prevent them from their anonymous cowardly comments.

I blog for my myself, my family, and my friends. If anyone else chooses to read my blog, I'm very surprised and pleased.
I appreciate the readers who openly follow me, and I appreciate my friends and family whom I've asked not to.

Blogging has been a real eye opener, to say the least. Some people need to get a sense of humour and lighten up.

My closet is almost finished, and my scarf display got up and running last week. I'm happy to finally get some use out my scarves.
They look great when the display light is off; but they look amazing when they're lit up.
This is not the fixation kit sold at Hermes.
I was fortunate enough to be gifted with the actual hardware that Hermes uses in their boutiques. It has little hooks that secure the scarves, and I haven't had any damage to thme since I secure them right at the corner of the rolled hem.