Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Wow I have been neglecting this blog because even though I know progress is being made over at Hillwood; I just don't see it?   All my pictures look the same.     I plan on posting them anyway, just to clear some space in my iphoto. ( Click on my pictures to enlarge )

I am surprised and very happy to have you follow my blog,  I'm sorry I  post so infrequently.
I started this blog so I wouldn't bore the heck out of family and friends with the minutiae, and self absorption you find yourself sucked into when building a house.

I had to take a little break from myself, and spend some time with my real passion, something I call "swooping my stores."

My stores, are thrift stores, and consignment shops.  It is my passion, hobby, compulsion, addiction;  I really don't  know how to define it?
I am very specific in what I look for,but I am easily distracted, and can find a new specific in an instant.  I  know it when I see it, is the only explanation I have.     I mainly look for vintage cast aluminum, or iron patio furniture.
I had to rent a storage space for all of my "garbage" as my husband likes to call it.   He gets so pissed when he sees me bring anything home,  so I just quietly rented  storage.   I didn't even tell him, until he needed a place to store the televisions when he replaced them with flat screens.

My storage is in Florida, where we have a home, and I went down to clear it out, and bring my finds to Canada in a PODS.            
What a fabulous concept PODS is!   So easy, and so far so good!    I am still waiting for a call from Canada Customs, who must be present when I open the PODS and check on the contents.
They will probably get a big surprise when they see what's inside.  It may look like trash, but it will become treasure to me when I finish with it.   Powder coating, refinishing, upholstering will make these diamonds in the rough become shining gems.  To me anyway.
                                             Don't know why this loaded twice?  Wish I had more than one of these chairs!    I only buy when the price is below $100.00 so I am still looking.
I will post a few pictures of some of my "stuff, "  I didn't think to take pictures until all of it was almost packed.    I hope my big porcelain dogs survive the trip?   I posted their pictures on my other REAL PURSE blog under "Cave Canem"
I took down my chandelier, and sconces that I found in New Orleans just after 9/11.    They are right up there as my most favorite, and treasured material possessions.   They were perfect for Florida; but now I have a room planned around them so I can enjoy them most of the year, instead of just visiting them for a few months.

I do purchase some furniture new; mattresses, sofa's that I have tested for hours by sitting on them and reading a book.   My personal desk is Barbara Barry for Henredon, and I am crazy about it.    I love so many of the current designers, and I do buy a new piece when it speaks to me; but that is so easy, and unimaginative.    I need to find things, love them, and make them my own.   That is how I work, and I stopped fighting it long ago.

 A few sets, that are staying in Florida, were in dreadful shape when I found them.  I had them powder coated but still need to reupholster the "Chinese Chippendale" seats.  For now they just have washable covers on them.
The casters fell off in the powder coating process, so they are almost 2 inches too short.  Still looking for a solution.     The "shell" set was battleship grey and a very ugly dusty rose when I spotted their silhouette in the morning light as they were being taken off a truck.    They didn't even make it into the store.


White Lily said...

Gorgeous furniture! You have a few pieces I'd kill for...

Please post more often!

theduchessofH said...

Thank You,White Lily! I appreciate your compliment.

I wish my blog looked better, I just can't seem to figure out how to tart it up.

Your blog is gorgeous. You are very creative.
Thanks for stopping by.


Lara Harris said...

I think so many men are like your husband...I think your pieces are great!Especially the 2 matching chairs, those are gorgeous!I remember I spotted an embroidered chair that I knew had to have been an antique that someone in Sydney had literally put out at the side of the road, but by the time I got my husband to turn around would you believe another lady was already putting it in her car!I just about died...many people have no idea what they have...I love finding such gems!:o)

theduchessofH said...

Hi Lara, I love your paintings. You have such a gift.

My husband only sees what a piece is, and has no particular interest in imagining what it will become.
After he sees the end result, he's always pleasantly surprised. I just roll my eyes when he praises the end results.

It has become a conditioned response, kind of like Pavlov's dog. I buy some old thing, and his automatic response is, "that looks like a piece of crap"

I always say to him, "Honey you can't unring a bell" lol.