Monday, May 4, 2009


And on, and on.    I feel like we have been building this house forever.   It has been such a learning experience; although there are things I don't care for, or would do over, for the most part I am happy with the way things have gone.

One new, and unsettling surprise over the past weekend, was a change in our site foreman.
It threw us for a loop, when the builder informed us of this change of the guard.    It is pretty late in the game; but the decision isn't ours to make.    The build must go on.

I've been away, sourcing out a few things, and finally packing my stored junk in a "Pods"to be shipped home to Canada.

The next few months will bring swift progress to the interior of Hillwood, and it's about time!
It has been over three long years, thus far.    I just want to finish already.

I am so sick of searching through my photos, I really need to erase most of them, but it is way too time consuming for me to deal with.
I am including one  picture I found taken a few years ago showing part of our farm.   I will always love the farm, but right now I can't wait to move.

The rest of the photos are from the top of the retaining walls, behind the house.
The walls are eight feet high, and full of mud due to the relentless rain.    I try to just concentrate on the views on the rare clear days. 
We placed the pool, and cabana close to the house because we love to sit in the spa, have a cocktail, talk, argue; whatever the case may be?    We have always referred to it as our "marriage counsellor" and so far it's worked! lol.

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