Sunday, September 20, 2009


I'm finally able to upload photos to my blogs.
Things are progressing fairly well now. The pool water line tile has been installed, and the deck is being prepared.
The driveway curbs are going in, and the top of the hill has been terra seeded. The pond had to be drained enough, so they can dredge out the topsoil, and silt that has slid into it over the past year and a half.


White Lily said...

A huge project, wow I sooo admire you, don't think I could ever manage anything. Last time I moved I had to rely on mommy and daddy, and it was in an apartment across the street , let alone build a new house of this scale...
I think it was all worth it. It looks amazing from above!

theduchessofH said...

Thank you, White Lily. I appreciate your kind compliments.

I have had so much trouble posting pictures lately.
I better start posting some of the progress inside soon.

I'm getting weary of looking at so many aerial views. My husband loves to fly, and it does give a perspective that you normally don't see of a construction process.