Thursday, March 25, 2010


There has been a flurry of activity in the past several weeks, and we are determined to be in this house by the end of June! The upstairs rooms are being finished first, so I will be able to move some furniture over towards the end of April, hopefully.

The painter has been in this week to paint more of the trim, and the entrance hall ceiling.
He is also painting test swatches on the walls, before I have to commit to a colour.

It always amazes me that I can love a colour in a little chip, and hate it, when it's up on the wall. I chose Sherwin Williams, White Duck, for the trim in our bedroom, and when I saw it painted out, I knew I could never be happy with it.
I decided to test Sherwin Williams, Patience, and managed to avoid testing the painters, because I like it.
How ironic that I would choose a colour called patience, as it's been a metaphor for this build.
Hopefully, if we run out of it, we'll be referring to the paint!


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I hope that you will be happy in your new space...whatever paint that you decide on I hope it works....your space looks divine.
My Humble Bungalow could be your garden shed...
how are things in the east these days...?

theduchessofH said...

Thanks Hostess, I'd be happy to move in today, and live with the mess, and construction!

The weather here has been pretty darn fantastic. We've had the the odd day of rain, which is good for the grass, and trees. The daffodils shoots, are already peaking out of the ground.

Spring has definitely sprung!

Alice said...

Your house in progress looks like it's going to be beautiful. I'd never want to leave if I ever moved in. I'll be the lady who never left her house.

I think you must have so much patience building a house from the ground up. I don't know I could stand making every single decision and then waiting for it to be carried out. But of course, that's the only way to get your dream house. If I ever attempt what you do, I think my SO will kill me before the house kills him!

Anyway, I will be checking back regularly. Can't wait to see the 'finished product'!

theduchessofH said...

Thank You, Alice. It's a test of endurance for any marriage, thats for sure! In twelve years of marriage, this is our seventh, house, not including "the farm" where we presently live!!!!
I can't believe we're still married! lol.
This is the last house (I hope), and since it's our seventh, and located on the seventh rural road, we call it "seventh heaven". That is, when I don't refer to it as "Hellwood"!
We used to call it 7/11 (as in, seven houses, in eleven years) and planned to celebrate our eleventh anniversary here. We didn't get in to even celebrate our twelfth.
I guess thirteen will be our lucky number? lol.

theduchessofH said...

Just to clarify, we don't have seven houses now. That is just the tally, of houses we have bought,built,decorated, domiciled, or sold.

Jeremiah said...

Hi Ms.D!
So, you dream house is progressing, can't wait to see it again. I just don't know when I will be able to come, I am stuck here waiting for communication from the Immigration. The process is so slow.But I will try to come this summer. Regards.

theduchessofH said...

Hi E, we sure miss you! It's good that you're at least at the stage of waiting for the paperwork to be finalised.
I hope you don't have to wait too long, because we sure will be happy to see you.

If you have any old photos of the swans, on the pond, I would love it if you can email them to me.

I guess they were on my old computer, which is cleared, now. I need to remember to pack it up and send it to you.