Sunday, October 19, 2008



theduchessofH said...

Nothing much has changed over at the new house. They are installing the wood trim on the exterior of the house and power washing the brick.

I took this picture of our farm today,as it is a picture perfect day! I love the fall in Ontario,and we have had a splendid one. I was actualy sun bathing last week end at the cottage! I am enjoying these days to the fullest,for all too soon it will be winter.

Jeremiah said...

WOW!!!!!!Wow!!!!!and Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a landscape!I really missed the place!

theduchessofH said...

Hi Evelyn, The weather was so warm and beautiful,the perfect fall day!
I was out all day today and got home at 6pm. It has been snowing since around 4pm. I grabbed the camera and got in a few shots while I had some light.
It is going down to minus 1 degree C tonight.

I am not ready to face winter this early. I am still hopeful that we will have some more great weather.

I kind of thought these pics with the reflection in the pond, look like an ink blot test?