Sunday, November 1, 2009


We recently installed a new culvert, and some boulders were placed around it for protection, and painted for visibility.

I thought they looked like pumpkins, and was going to paint jack- o'- lantern, faces on them for Halloween.

Apparently one of our neighbours, was not amused, and stopped my fun before it started.

She drove up to the house and told our foreman that they were hideous, and it was affecting her ability to sell her farm!
She was informed of their temporary importance until our gate is completed, and hideous as they may very well be, they were not going anywhere soon.
She was given a choice of colour since she was so strongly against the orange.   She chose white.

We still haven't painted them.  lol

I took this picture tonight just as the full moon was rising.
"Ooh scary, eh kids?"


Jeremiah said...

I love your night shot!

theduchessofH said...

Thanks Evelyn, it sure can't be attributed to any photographic skills! lol

Merry Christmas, I wish you love, and happiness always.
I'll give you call over the holidays!