Saturday, May 23, 2015


Spring in King, is my favourite time of year, and my favourite place to be.
My tulips were decimated over the long and bitter cold winter and only a scattered few, grew.
I was sad to see just two of my favourite appear, and I couldn't resist cutting them.
The colouration is spectacular and unusual.  "Bougainvillea" in Hermes speak- a deep coral pink, with "Etoupe" accents.

Taking a break from hauling out the summer furniture; I took a hike up the hill to see what was blooming.
The trees appear to have more blossoms this year than ever.
Finally; after much care and fertilizer, they're starting to take hold and grow.
Just as I reached the top, the clouds rolled in
Looking down, I was struck by a new idea.
I've always wanted a Chinoiserie style Folly, and I think the back garden will be the perfect place to build one.

I plan to attach it to the house, so it can be a year round living space.
I'll follow the hexagon shape of the terrace.

I envision a simple classic design,with four screened windows, and two doors.

My inspiration for the shape and roofline is this lantern 

At the moment this future construction is sheer folly, as I have much more pressing current construction concerns.   Such as; why are the leaks still occurring in this house?


Chronica Domus said...

What a beautiful aspect you have to gaze upon. I think your plans for a folly should be hatched and executed pronto. Very lovely idea.

Hermesmerized™ the duchessofH said...

Thank You for your visit Chronica Domus.
I wish I could say that I will take your suggestion and execute the plan, pronto; but my husband said I'm going to have to wait until after he dies. lol.
I do hold out some hope; as he said this when I wanted to replace the dreadful chandeliers at the cottage. It only took ten years; but this summer the new chandeliers are going up!

Our Bit of Dirt Homestead said...

Stunning! Would love to see the folly!
Loved your sweet and very kind words, thanks for coming by and making my day!

Regine Karpel said...