Thursday, September 25, 2008


I started this blog to post the pictures of our latest project. It keeps me out of trouble more or less, and it one of my passions.
I think this is the last house we will build? I hope so. lol
As much as I love the process I look forward to a day when I can simply enjoy the life I've been blessed with.
At the moment I'm in a state of flux and surrounded by chaos.
I don't handle being surrounded by samples, boxes, magazines,fandecks,blueprints, etc....very well.
As much as I love building, is as much as I don't love the mess!
My current home looks like a warehouse,while I cram in all the things I find,and have to have for the new house!

I had to think of a name for this new house,and I wanted something that started with an H.
That way my Hermes H logo blankets will kind of fly under the radar.
People will assume it is simply a Monogrammed blanket? Hopes?

Since we are on a hill and 53 acres are in the Happy Valley Forest, I thought Hillwood was appropriate?

My old workmates and husband call me "the duchess. " Hence the name, the duchess of H!

This blog is dedicated to pictures of Hillwood.
I hope that you enjoy them.
My husband was flying one of his little planes, and our Pilatus pilot was snapping the photos.
Just so no one is confused, and to answer any question; the answer is no, Michael Tonello was not the co-pilot in taking the photos. But I hope he enjoys viewing them.

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