Sunday, September 28, 2008


We have been very fortunate to find a master artisan of hand wrought iron.  His name is Oleg Shyshkin and his studio can be viewed at  (I don't know how to cut and paste)

Oleg is creating our grand staircase, exterior railings, and chimney caps, skylight details and our entrance gates.

I am amazed and awed by his talent and passion.  He is truly a unique and brilliant artist.

I look at what he is designing for us and view these as an art installation.  They truly are works of art!
I can't wait to see them unveiled.
I have only seen sketches and some of the components that are ready.  I am trying not to be too anxious, as they can only be installed at the right time.

I am really looking forward to the staircase!    My inspiration was a blossoming Cherry tree.
I envisioned the branches espaliered along the ballustrade.   Perhaps a tiny bird or nest hidden in a branch?
My stair treads are going to be a man made quartz product with tiny bits of mirror imbedded in the surface, called Night Sparkle.
I wanted a silver plated handrail; but so far that has been unsuccessful.
Oleg found me someone to nickel plate a brass handrail and I think we will choose it?
It looks almost like silver and will be easy to maintain.

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theduchessofH said...

I do not know why the photos posted twice?
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I think it may have something to do with my Time Machine Backup, Sorry!