Monday, January 5, 2009


We had to make some final decisions on appliances so the bids could go out this week.    Some of the appliances are ones I am already using and duplicating in the new house.   Some are completely new to me, and I have to admit that my choices were based on advertisements.
Looking over the list, most people would think I am crazy to need so many washer/dryer locations!
I need them for the convenience of not having to carry laundry all over the house.   I decided this time to go with steam washers and dryers in a few locations and I am excited to try them out.

The kitchen is a top priority since it is one of the most costly rooms in any budget.   We chose Neff Kitchen  of Toronto because of their superb finishes and fittings.     I still have to nail down colour selections for the cabinetry, that surprisingly is the hardest decision.

The kitchen surfaces were an easy decision.    I wanted  something with sparkle and easy to clean.
In the past I have used marble, granite, corian, tile, and formica.    This time I wanted something different.
I decided to go with a mirrored cracked glass on my counters and backsplash for a deep, seamless look.
On the island I chose a man made quartz product with very tiny and subtle particulates of mirror.  This product is not as "in your face" as Silestone or Caesarstone , the flecks of mirror are like sugar crystals.

We are also using this product on the stair treads and as insets in the entrance hall tile pattern.

It is impossible for me to take a good picture of this product.

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