Thursday, January 15, 2009


the insulation is finally going in.   Now things should really start moving along.    The crown moulding has been chosen and Neff has taken the kitchen measurements.
We did not get the wind turbines up in time before the ground froze so the base forms are going to stay inside the master suite until spring.
The columns for the verandahs also have to wait until spring. 
The weather has worked against us from the day we received our permit to build.  Our original  target date  to move in was December 2008.   Due to the weather and a few other snags the new completion date is June 2009.
Our house here at the "Farm"  is looking more like a storage warehouse.    I used to have a living room around here somewhere?  I  just can't find it under all the "stuff "       I am starting to feel depressed living amidst of all this disorder.     
I can be messy at times; but I really need to have a place for everything.    I can drive myself crazy  repositioning a pillow or accessory should it be moved from it's exact place.
Now I just have a glass of wine, and try not to flip on my husband too much!
So if you were wondering why I never invite you over any more?   Now you know.  LOL

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