Thursday, April 9, 2009


My sixteen year old son wanted to have his bedroom in the basement, and I figured why not?

It gave me a location to use one of my favorite colour combinations; blue and green.

Choosing the paint colours was the easy part.   The rest of it was a pure luck.

I wanted the colour of his bedroom the colour of the sky on a brilliantly clear day, when the sky is vividly blue, almost periwinkle.
I have used Sherwin Williams, Vast Sky SW6506 in the past and my intention was to use it again.
I decided to try it in a deeper shade and see how it works, choosing SW6507, Resolute Blue.

I didn't want to have to buy him all new bedroom furniture, and his room now is soft French blue, and red.

The only room I could unleash my desire for a green/blue  colour scheme was his bathroom.

I had some Sicis glass mosaic tiles left over from the house in Florida and finally got a chance to use them.       They were ordered in error and the tile guys were already laying them, when I fortunately went to the job site.     Since it was only my second floor laundry room I  decided not to make them start over.

I am using the Sicis mosaic tiles on the floor of this bathroom.
I got lucky and found some 4x4's  for $3 @ sq.ft. in a colour that would work.
I found four mirrors at HomeSense, (Home Goods in the US) for $38 each.    I also found some inexpensive towels there too.

I am having the bathroom cabinetry finished in Sherwin Williams Leapfrog SW6431, a colour I used in my husbands study in Florida.        The walls I will paint out in Sherwin Williams Ryegrass SW6423.

I think the green walls will look nice reflected in the leaf cut outs in the mirror, and how bizarre to find a mirror in this shade of blue?    No wonder they were marked down, not everyone would want a mirror this blue!

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