Thursday, October 14, 2010


Good thing I didn't have a crystal ball to tell me that it would take this long to build a house.     Huge skyscrapers have been built in less time.

I'm putting Swarovski crystal balls in the newell, and support posts on the staircase.   They screw into the posts, so I can always change them if they break, or I grow tired of them.      It's a rainy day, so it's hard to say how they will look when the sun hits them.    We're still waiting on the polished nickel handrail.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

gorgeous, they're the jewel of the staircase; literally!
Always takes about twice as long to build any house as is predicted, not sure why really...

theduchessofH said...

Thanks, AD, I worry sometimes because I can go a little over the top; then later decide it's too much.

We were supposed to be in this house December 2008, so patience left this building, long ago.
Anger and frustration however, visit every day, and threaten to move in for good. lol.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I don't think it's over the top at all but rather a lovely detail! I hope you keep updating us on the progress and show us the finished pictures!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I can see Jimmy Stewart rubbing the newel post as he goes upstairs in A Wonderful Life...
but a much more modern newel post....
I'll bet that they feel silky smooth and evoke transformation..

my husband is an architect but he works in the institutional area and they have deadlines that they have to meet ...maybe a month grace but no more....he can work around the clock...I am sometimes very lonely...and then he takes me away for a romantic vacation!

theduchessofH said...

Our architect is always away on vacation! lol.

He has been frustrated beyond belief; especially since he was pretty adamant about using this builder; who mainly builds commercial space.
That was my huge concern, and I told the owner, when we interviewed builders, that I didn't feel confident that they could build a custom high end house.

Of course, I'm only a woman, what do I know? I got out voted. I get no pleasure being right, in this case. lol.

I enjoy building, or lets say I used to enjoy building, and when we built in Florida, DH wanted nothing to do with the build; he just didn't want me to go over budget. I managed to bring the house in $200K plus, under budget. The builder had never given anyone a cheque at closing.

I can be a bit of a control freak, and this time I let DH and our architect take care of business. Enough said. LOL.

I'm sure you deserve every vacation, Leslie. Especially if your husband has the stress of deadlines. Being an architect isn't easy; and the ones I've met are very passionate about their work, and family is often put on the back burner.

So where are you going next? LOL.