Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I can't believe another year has come and gone, and we're still not in this house! I did manage to get over it, and enjoy Christmas; largely by consuming vast amounts of alcohol. It helped take the edge, off of my reality. The Dalton Team know me too well now. Thanks for the great selection of wines guys!

O.K. The holidays are over, lets get get this house finished before my liver completely shuts down!

Winter as we know it, is back; just as bitter, cold, angry, and punishing, as in the past several years.

Very funny. I was referring to the weather. Husbands, who needs them?

Not much has happened so far this year.
The back exterior balcony is in, and grouted. The front is still awaiting grout, hence the boarded up space. The area has to be heated with propane, so we have to keep the back doors open for ventilation.
Good thing we are generating some power; because it gets pretty expensive heating up the outside!

The plastic tarp over the pool area blew away, so the pool guys are constructing a wood frame enclosure. I'll have to take some pictures because it looks like they're constructing a roof. I'm sure they really enjoy finishing a pool in the winter; working in the warmer weather can get boring, I imagine? This must be a refreshing change, and at least they don't have to contend with any mosquitoes, or black flies.
They do have to contend with black grout, which requires lots of effort to rinse off the haze.

I'm happy to report that the fireplace inserts, are now the correct models, and even better? They actually work!

I haven't come across a realistic enough log set, so instead of having fake wood, I went for a real glass. The flames look wonderful mirrored in the enamel panels. Well as wonderful as propane fueled flames go. They just need to straighten out the "log set" and hide the wires so they aren't visible.

I much prefer a real fire, and at least we have one in the family room; which should be installed in early February.

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